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Sheriff's Sales


The Sheriff's Sale is conducted on the first Tuesday of each month at the Denton County Courts Building, 1450 E. McKinney, in the City of Denton, Texas, at 10:00 a.m.  Denton County will sell said below described Real Estate at public venue to the highest bidder. All property going to the sheriff sale is published in the classified section of the Record Chronicle.

For further information please e-mail Jon Royea


Sheriff Sale Information Frequently Asked Questions

For detailed property information, including location you may click on the following link.  When you enter this website, you may click on DCAD, Transportation or Arial Photos. http://gis.dentoncounty.com/website/ntcog/viewer.htm  

Please check this site before the first Tuesday of the month for current Sheriff Sales.

Sheriff Sale for the Month of MAY 2014


Order of Sale # 2013-0632-211

LISD-v-Scott Richardson

Briarhill EST 2 BLK 6 Lot 4

Opening Bid: $21,305.06

Account #154242DEN

(2415 Silverthorne CT)


Order of Sale # 2012-0821-211

LISD-v-Robert Carniero

Garza Lake EST BLK 6 Lot 23

Account # 8232DEN

(4640 Lake Park DR)

Garza Lake EST BLK 6 Lot 24

Account # 155585DEN

(Lake Park DR)

Garza Lake EST BLK 6 Lot 25

Account # 155587DEN

(Lake Park DR)

Opening Bid: $11,234.02


Order of Sale # 2012-0618-211

LISD-v-Greg Livesay

Timberview EST PH 1 BLK A Lot 36

Opening Bid: $16,206.96

Account #108679DEN

(2221 Collage PKWY)


Order of Sale # 2011-0011-362

Northwest ISD-v-Leon Vessell

Indian Trails PH 1 BLK 4 Lot 5

Opening Bid: $6,644.50

Account #154096DEN

(22174 Indian Trails DR)


Order of Sale # 2008-0769-16

The CO of Denton-v-Samuel Jones

A1241A Tiewester, TR 326, .172 acres, Old DCAD SHT 2, TR 86

Opening Bid: $4,126.80

Account # 56790DEN

(No Address)


Order of Sale # 2012-0001-16

The CO of Denton-v-UNK Shareholder of Independent American Devel Corp

Trophy Club # 1 Lot 6 (PT) acres 0.2422

Opening Bid: $76,557.40

Account # 154899DEN

(No Address)


Order of Sale # 2012-0393-158

Little Elm ISD-v-Mary Biscarro

1. Snug Harbor Estates SN # 1 HDTX10A01637A HUD # NTA0602503 Denton County, Texas

Account # 155764DEN

(7508 Snug Harbor CIR)

2. Snug Harbor Estates Lot 1 Denton County, Texas

Account # 87445DEN

(Snug Harbor CIR)

Opening Bid: $15,944.98


Order of Sale # 2013-50908-367

Stone Hill Farms Homeowner ASSN-v-Francis Samluk

Stone Hill farms PH 1, 2 sec I BLK D Lot 1

Opening Bid: $6,900.72

Account # 169596DEN

(1421 Wildflower LN)

Note: Buyer may become responsible for Liens





 Note: Opening bids will be added when all figures are received from each agency involved.

 Foreclosure sale By lenders i.e. Banks, Mortgage Companies, or Individuals, are not conducted by the Sheriff office. Contact the lender for that information.


Revised per J. Royea 10/26/06










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